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[9:02PM @ Fri, 2-17-06]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, just finished watching Bleach 68-69. At least the really weird ending animation makes sense now... >.> I think the last few eps were just a bit on the stupid side, since they didn't really serve a purpose. I hope it gets more interesting from now on, especially with Rukia back!

My Hikago CDs arrived today! I was saddened to find out that they're made in Taiwan, but at least they look exactly like the Japanese releases. Mirai e also comes with the pretty booklet I have scans of~ :D

So glad it's Friday and that we don't have school on Monday because of President's Day. This week's been a really busy week for me, and next week seems like it'll be kinda busy as well. Because there's no school Monday, all the teachers are giving us tests either Tue or Wed. Joy.

I need to catch up to as much as I can of the anime I'm behind on. Might take a while, though. I'll try to watch as much of Blood+ and Mai-Otome as I can! :D

I just got up from taking a 3 hour nap, but I still feel tired... I might go to sleep earlier today.

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[1:01AM @ Tue, 2-14-06]
[ mood | excited ]

My DVD burner arrived safely and on time today!!! I was so excited when I walked into my house and saw it~~ It came with 10 free DVDs, so of course I immediately started burning some stuff XDD I've burned 2 already and will be burning a third one pretty soon. I have room on my hdd again! :D Of course, that's rapidly disappearing with all the anime I've missed over the past few weeks I've been downloading. I must have downloaded at least 4 or 5 gb of anime by now... T__T Now the question is when I have time to watch all of them... >.>

I have a pretty big project due Thursday, but unlike most of my classmates, I did not procrastinate (for once!! O__O) and thus am really close to finishing it! I love watching them all worry about it while I sit back and relax XDD

A group (perhaps AnimeHeaven?) has just subbed the FMA movie~~ I'm queued for it right now from one of their bots. I'm hoping the movie is pretty good. I haven't been paying attention very much to what people have said about it, so I guess we'll see when I actually sit down and watch it!

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[10:35PM @ Sun, 2-12-06]
A proper torrent for the Hellsing OVA has finally been released here~~ What I shared a while ago was something that aired on TV in preparation for the actual release of the OVA, which was two days ago according to CDJapan. One more thing to add to my list of stuff to download... =__=
for the Tenimyu boys

More rajis! [8:16PM @ Sun, 2-12-06]
[mood| content]

Just finished recording a whole bunch of rajis today~

Radio Hanayoi Romanesque #7 (2006.02.10) --> They play a clip from Hoshi's upcoming character single. It's so cute~~ ♥
Suzumura Kenichi, Hoshi Souichirou

Aa! Cluster Gakuen #17 (2006.02.10)
Yoshino Hiroyuki, Shimono Hiro, Kishio Daisuke

Morikubo - Paku no POKE Koe Night! (2006.02.12) --> I accidentally stopped recording for a second, and some lines are repeated because the connection was being weird
Morikubo Shoutarou, Paku Romi

Momotto Talk #7 (2006.02.10)
Yusa Kouji, Hirakawa Daisuke

Kin'iro no Corda - Houkago no etude #18 (2006.02.10)
Konishi Katsuyuki, Taniyama Kishou

Kawakami Tomoko no Usagi Mimitabu #381 (2006.02.07)
Kawakami Tomoko

Arika & Nina no Mai-Otome Chikku Radio #20 (2006.02.10)
Kikuchi Mika, Koshimizu Ami, Kuribayashi Minami

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Whole bunch of rajis [7:02PM @ Tue, 2-7-06]
[mood| accomplished]

[music| Canna Nobutoshi - Atarashii Natsu ni Ai ni Yukou (Angelique)]

Aa! Cluster Gakuen 15 (2006.01.27)
Aa! Cluster Gakuen 16 (2006.02.03)
Personalities: Fukuyama Jun, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Shimono Hiro, Kishio Daisuke

Arika & Nina no Mai-Otome Chikku Radio 19 (2006.02.03)
Personalities: Kikuchi Mika, Koshimizu Ami, Kuribayashi Minami

Hard Heart-beat 16 『いまオレは「ショウ」なんだよ!! みたいな(笑)』 (2006.01.22)
Hard Heart-beat 17 『祥ちゃんもなかなかのモンだね』 (2006.01.28)
Personalities: Morikubo Shoutarou, Takahashi Hiroki

Kawakami Tomoko no Usagi Mimitabu 180 (2006.01.31)
Personality: Kawakami Tomoko

Kin'iro no Corda - Houkago no etude 16 (2006.01.27)
Kin'iro no Corda - Houkago no etude 17 (2006.02.03)
Personalities: Konishi Katsuyuki, Taniyama Kishou

Momotto Talk 06 (2006.01.27)
Personalities: Yusa Kouji, Miyata Kouki

Morikubo - Paku no POKE Koe Night! (2006.02.03)
Personalities: Morikubo Shoutarou, Paku Romi

Radio Hanayoi Romanesque 6 (2006.01.27)
Personalities: Suzumura Kenichi, Yusa Kouji

WEB S.S.D.S 11 (2006.01.17)
WEB S.S.D.S 12 (2006.01.24)
WEB S.S.D.S 13 (2006.01.31)
Personalities: Hayami Shou, Chiba Susumu
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Recording rajis can be VERY annoying..... [5:44PM @ Sun, 2-5-06]
[mood| frustrated]

[music| Aa! Cluster Gakuen 16]

I've been trying to record a whole bunch of rajis all day long today. I had done about half of the ones I wanted to record when I suddenly realized that I screwed up on a whole lot of them. So now I'm going back to record all of them again... For some reason I keep on messing up the CE raji. I'm recording it for the 4th time today!! >__< I guess I'm just really out of it today or something... *sighs* And I still have a whole lot more to record. Fun.

At least I got a raji I just learned about with Paku Romi and Morikubo Shoutarou hosting :D I hate how Marvelous Radio Vibration comes on at 11:30 AM Sat for me, since I'm almost always not at home at that time for one thing or another. Only learned today that there's a Mai-Otome raji. It's not too new or anything, since they're already at #19. Must find some way to keep up with everything!! >.>

I'll make a big post later with all the links once I'm finished. It might take me a while though... (plus the fact that I'm running out of room really quickly)
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[7:28PM @ Sat, 2-4-06]
Awww...... There's one of the cutest pictures I've seen of Aiba on his blog. I don't think it's his, but it's still absolutely adorable~~

EDIT: I find this scene SO amusing XDDD

Image hosting by Photobucket

EDIT 2: According to the few caps they have at the Meine Liebe site, I think the 3rd ep *might* be a bit Camus focused!! There's a cap of chibi!Camus with chibi!Lui. They look absolutely adorable!!
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Finally got a DVD burner~~ [6:46PM @ Sat, 2-4-06]
[mood| happy]

Went to my physicss teacher's house this morning to work on building a trebuchet as a lab. (For those who don't know what it is, it's kinda like a catapult.) It was certainly very interesting! We're not really following any kind of plan and are basically eyeballing the whole thing, so I hope we don't majorly screw up anywhere. I don't think we will, though, since I have faith in my teacher! :D

Anyways, after I got home I went out with my parents to look at external DVD burner drives. Instead of buying one at a store, we decided to buy one online instead because they're a bit cheaper online. Well, I just bought one online and that makes me extremely happy right now~~ *does a happy dance* It should arrive sometime next week!! That means I'll finally have room to download everything I want to again!! (I have a long list of all the stuff I've missed over the past week or two XDD) *sighs happily*
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[3:34AM @ Wed, 2-1-06]
Happy Birthdays to tiarandear and sjen!! Hope you have a great day!
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Icon post #3 [12:04AM @ Sun, 1-29-06]
[mood| accomplished]

[music| NewS - Fiesta]

Air Gear [1]
Blood+ [4]
Soukyuu no Fafner RIGHT of LEFT [17]
Mai-Otome [6]
Meine Liebe (including Wieder) [13]
Misc seiyuu [9]

Total [50]


Icons all under the cut! Warning: Might contain spoilersCollapse )

x-posted to blood_plus, soukyuu, maiotome, _meine_liebe, seiyuu, and animeicons
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Some news [10:58PM @ Sat, 1-28-06]
[mood| excited]

[music| Kimeru - The Pleasure of Love]

I'm sure most of you guys have heard about the two upcoming Death Note movies. According to this article, Fujiwara Tatsuya will start as Raito. Should be pretty interesting... Also, speaking of Death Note, an artbook is finally getting released for it~ It's going to be called blanc et noir (a very fitting title, I do think :D). The LE version (going for 18,000 yen) will include a whole bunch of extras, including these figurines. It's also going to include a few never before publish Hikago illustrations!!! *____*

Also, it's been announced that Hoshi's going to voice the main character in an upcoming anime series, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni!! I was really worried that he wouldn't be in anything other than Meine Liebe Wieder... XDD

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to those on my flist who celebrate it!!
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SATs [3:18PM @ Sat, 1-28-06]
[mood| thankful]

[music| Origa - TAM]

Got home from taking the SATs a little while ago. I'm pretty sure I did well on the math and critical reading part, but I think I screwed up the writing + essay part =____= I guess we'll see when I get the results back. Anyone know how long it'll take for the results to back back? o.O My brain's pretty much dead now, but I need to finish as much as I can of my homework before tomorrow, since it's finally Chinese New Year~ I'll be going to a friend's house (and hopefully watching Kenshin there :D)

I'll go ahead and wish a happy Chinese New Year's to all those on my flist who celebrate thought it's a bit early for that over where I am XDD
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[1:05AM @ Thu, 1-26-06]
[ mood | okay ]

Two-Mix - Delta One (2005.07.25)
01. Vision.V
02. Principal
03. Rocket Pocket
04. Kibou no Shizuku
05. Etranger
06. Splash

Gackt - Redemption
03. REDEMPTION (Original Karaoke)
04. LONGING (Original Karaoke)

I just listened to Hughes's songs for the first time (yes, I know I'm really behind). I LOVE his duet with Elysia~~ They're just so cute together!!

4 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ /// for the Tenimyu boys

Ramblings about today... [7:08PM @ Mon, 1-23-06]
[mood| sleepy]

Both the new Hellsing OVA and the FMA movie gets released in 2 days!! Though I do believe somebody managed to get their hands on the Hellsing OVA early and posted the torrent here~

I pulled an all nighter last night, which I really shouldn't have considering I need to get as much sleep as possible for the SATs... X__X I really want to go take a nap right now, but I wonder if my parents would let me. My mom hates it when I start randomly sleeping.

Downloading the first ep of Rocket Boys cause it seems interesting... I haven't seen any of the Tenimyu boys in a drama yet (haven't seen Hice Cool, Waterboys or Pink no Idenshi -> ??), so I'm looking forward to it~ ♥ If only Aiba would star in his own drama/movie, I'd be extremely happy. I checked out some info about him and it seems like the only movie he's appeared in was a horror one. I can't stand watching horror movies, so I quickly gave up that idea. >.>

Today when I showed the Animage to a few people at my school who watch GS/GSD, they all declared Athrun gay. I find that quite amusing. I cannot seem to stop staring at the cover and at Athrun's furry coat! XDD *is easily amused*

Man, I really want a Meine Liebe mood theme now... >.> After Wieder ends I'll try to find some time to go through all the caps I would've taken by that point and make one :D

My dad set up the new DVD player we recently bought yesterday and I found out that it can play .avi files!!!! That means I can watch some of my anime on there~~ ^O^ Only problem is, the TV that it's connected to is our main one, so my parents would have to approve of my watching anime first, which is very unlikely to happen anytime soon... >.>
11 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ /// for the Tenimyu boys

Meine Liebe Wieder~ [4:51AM @ Mon, 1-23-06]
[mood| content]

[music| Hoshi Souichirou - Taiyou no Tsubasa]

I'm surprised at how quickly MLW 1 downloaded. There were some pretty fast seeders out there! :D It was mostly an introductory episode in which they focused on each of the six old charaacters. There's also another new teacher to replace Belize (sp?) and he's hawt~ *___* Apparently, Camus has an older brother. At one point his brother picks him up and carries him back into the house. Can you say overprotective? xP I took lots of caps (like 3-4 times more than usual) and will start working on icons sometime after SATs, which are coming up this Saturday (the 28th)... X___X

I should probably go to sleep since it's almost 5 AM and I haven't been sleeping that much for the last few days and desperately need the sleep... Instead, I'll probably go catch up on Fate/Stay Night, Noein, and Blood+. I hate being a few eps behind the subs... T_T
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