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Lost in Translation

Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: Lost in Translation
Characters: Vash, Wolfwood
Rating: G
Word Count: 448
Summary: Packing uncovers strange things.
Comments: No comments, really. Written in response to another challenge. I do so love challenges. :D

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Pokemon // electric Pikachu boogaloo

An Old Meeting Place

Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: An Old Meeting Place
Characters: Legato, Cyclops, Zazie the Beast
Rating: PG
Word Count: 557
Summary: Legato calls a meeting with a few of the Gung-Ho Guns.
Comments: Just a small ficlet written in response to a challenge.

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Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: smirk MILLIONS
Characters: Knives, Vash, Joey, Rem, Rowan, Steve...pairings would be Joey/Rem
Rating: PG-13, just to be safe
Word Count: 3,000 not including titles
Summary: Knives and the gang pre-manga/anime.
Comments: Written for 30_smirks. Manga verse. Maybe some implied anime. Ignore the strikethrough boldy texty stuff. I was feeling bored creative. :D

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