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Just a quick update with everyone's stats--everyone being Matt, Mello, Near, and L, of course. angryhamster got HTR13 before me (GRRARGHRIAHSMASHMEWANTNOW) and was brilliant enough to scan some of the pages in high-def, so I could make out the bloody kanji on them. Hugs to you. Many, many fluffy hugs. ♥

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Next up is Near's shopping list! Boy, what did you spend 60,000 yen on...?
Pokemon // electric Pikachu boogaloo

LMMN INFO! *le squee*

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So okay, since I know most of the people on my flist are only vaguely familiar with DN and not privy to the comms/squee posts/general havoc sweeping the DN fandom right now, I shall post, yet again, the stats that were revealed today. I'll even convert things for you, because I'm just nice like that. :3 This will not be a rant/squee about how I feel about things because I've already ranted/squeed all over LJ. >.>

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okay plz excuse me now while i go watch the DN02 raw kthxbai i ♥ october ftw