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I just did a massive friends cut, in which I pretty much just deleted anyone I didn't recognize or hadn't spoken to in a while. So. If you were deleted and would like to be re-added, go here. If, however, you only have me friended for updates on stuff I translate or other fanwork-related items, please don't. Those posts are public. You can see them whether I friend you back or not. Cutting you was nothing personal, but I haven't checked my flist since...July...and would like to start again. >.>

If I cut you and actually talk to you often, say through Brawl or elsewhere, hit me. Please. I'm horrible at pairing people with usernames. Comment here or on the other post and remind me who you are and you'll be re-added as soon as I can scamper back over to the friendz0rs page. Apologies in advance. 8D