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Pokemon // electric Pikachu boogaloo


One of the authors of Taikutsu emailed me yesterday and asked that I take it down. It's her work, obviously, so I'll heed her wishes. Apparently my scanlation leaked to someone--I'm assuming a native English speaker--who then harassed her and the rest of the Balgus REC team about it because they "didn't understand Japanese yaoi" (her words, not mine). SO. If you want it grab it now. I'll be removing it before I go to bed tonight. I'm sorry, but she asked me to. Keep it to yourselves if you want to save it on your computer.

Please stop distributing Taikutsu. Please remove it from any forums it may appear on. Please help me spread the word about this, because I don't want legal action to be taken against me. I am a poor college student with too little money to go on a proper grocery run; I do not have the monies to pay off a huge lawsuit.

If you want to keep it, fine. If you want to give it to your friend, fine. But don't post it anywhere. Please. This includes yaoi_daily. I really, really don't want to get into any real trouble for this.

...Thank you? ._.