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a mostly real entry! :D and it's not even f-locked! :O

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All right, _tehrin, this is for you! So please don't nudge me. .___.

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AND NOW FOR A COMM PIMP! :D Me and angryhamster maintain it, so join, damn you. Yes, you too, you person who is too afraid/embarrassed to RP. Try it. You'll like it. I know you will. And tell your friends about it too, because I know you're nice like that. :D

Anyway...ever wanted to RP a character you felt wasn't quite right for mainstream RPGs set in public places with large groups of people? Loners or nerds or characters that just aren't that sociable? Or even wanted to play a game that is totally LJ based?

Now you can.

theinternetcafe is a brand new multi-fandom RPG comm where the characters interact through the medium of LJ--perfect for characters who are more likely to be found at home on their computer than hanging out where the cool kids are (not that the cool kids aren't perfectly welcome, too--the more variety, the better). The premise of the game is simple--your character has an LJ and hangs out on the comm. What goes on in the comm? The same sort of thing that goes on in any normal LJ comm--chatting, banter, arguing, flirting...Whatever.

Meet-ups are encouraged, but not mandatory, so you can spend as much or as little time on the RP as you feel like. The main comm is kept strictly for IC action, but there's tic_ooc, the OOC comm for player chatting and setting up of plotlines, and tic_logs for any logs of "RL" meets or AIM chats between characters that you might like to share.

Your character can post whatever he or she likes to the comm--olicitations for advice (or something else), invites to chat, poetry, general life stuff...whatever. The object of the game is simply to have fun and make friends as your character, nothing more or less complicated than that. You can also interact with other characters at their own journals if you and they are so inclined.

If you're interested in joining, please see the user info of the OOC comm for further information. The comm is brand new, so pretty much all the good characters are available. And, as it's multi-fandom, you can probably have just about anyone you can think of. Hope to see you there!

C&Ped from angryhamster's pimp because I am unbelievably lazy and sort of kind of thirsty, too. In fact, I think I'll have a soda. Mmm, soda.

...I want new icons.