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It hurt itself in its confusion...

...Critical hit!

5 October
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.: tehriah :.

easily distracted, somewhat nihilistic, hard to impress, a fiscally conservative and socially liberal libertarian, stupidly curious, frequently bored, a bit of a perfectionist, incredibly creative, addicted to caffeine, a linguist, an on-and-off insomniac, unable to socialize well, a bit weird, militant atheist, a US soldier

[loves] tamanduas, music, film, video games, writing, reading, playing music, drawing, hiking, cats, driving way too fast, restored cars, Richard Dawkins, history, the Civil War, Federico García Lorca, revolvers and other old firearms, good characterization, Surrealism, irony, crows, any and all humors, sweet tea, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Tony Stark

[listens to] The Decemberists, Murder By Death, Muse, The Charlie Daniels Band, Panic at the Disco, The Fratellis, Bad Religion, Paul McCartney, Metro Station, The Beatles, The Libertines, Yo-Yo Ma, Ludo, Jump Little Children, The Filthy Youth, Owl City, The Hush Sound, Phantom of the Opera, 2nd South Carolina String Band, Nobuo Uematsu, Lady Gaga, Vampire Weekend, Franz Ferdinand, Yoko Kanno, a lot of soundtracks

[watches] House, Bones, a lot of HBO, Little Ashes, Gossip Girl, Akira Kurosawa, Orson Wells, Luis Buñuel, Game Of Thrones Guillermo del Toro, the Coen Brothers, Tim Burton, Dexter, 30Rock, Joss Whedon, Baz Lurhmann, old westerns, Gankutsuou, Baccano, True Blood, Invader Zim, Firefly, Trigun, Hayao Miyazaki, Wolf's Rain, Merlin, Clone High, Danny Boyle, Band of Brothers

[reads] The Watchmen, Trigun Maximum, Captain Blood, Life of Pi, Death Note, Bleach, Baccano, His Dark Materials, JTHM, The Forgotten Realms (Drizzt), Perfume, Watership Down, Tolstoy, anything vampire, anything Civil War, anything Federico García Lorca

[plays] a lot of video games, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Bioshock, Prince of Persia, God of War, Phantom Brave, Heavy Rain, The World Ends With You, LittleBigPlanet, Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Ookami, Lair, Legend of Zelda, Fatal Frame, Guitar Hero, Gran Turismo, anything Atlus, Minesweeper, the bass guitar, a little piano, drums on the steering wheel

[frequents] LiveJournal, Big Hollywood, Twitter, NetFlix, Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, PennyArcade, VGCats, IGN, Last.fm, IMDB, AIM, Lockerz, Neopets, GameStop, the library

[is usually] writing, reading, RPing, playing a video game, watching something on TV, drinking a Mountain Dew, mildly bored, doodling, procrastinating on something important, catching up on things that have been avoided for too long, trying to fall asleep, trying to wake up, studying Arabic, vegetating like a potato

[avoids] bad grammar, Mary Sues, general stupidity, attention-seekers, fanbrats, racism, ignorance, immaturity, major confrontation, creepy stalkers, MySpace, bad RPers, most of her family, most of her generation, Y!M, sea squirts, Carrie Underwood

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