Riah (_tehriah) wrote,

Friends Only Banners

The L Is For Love
The L Is For Love
posted May 16, 2005 ~ retired June 24, 2006

So cute! My first Friends Only banner ever. I remember going back and f-locking
all my entries right after I made this one. I wish it matched my new layout. v.v

justiςe ơ maliςe
justiςe ơ maliςe
posted June 24, 2006 ~ retired February 13, 2007

This one was up for quite a while. It lasted through summer school and Brawl. Amazing. o.o

A Hollow World
A Hollow World
posted February 13, 2007 ~ retired May 13, 2008

Managed to hold onto this one for over a year. I'm impressed. Still
obsessed with Bleach, but I was overdue for a change.

Haven't You Heard?
Haven't you Heard?
posted May 13, 2008 ~ retired November 23, 2010

Had about a year in which I just didn't use LJ, so this stayed up
for quite some time. I still remember making it. I love playing
with colors.

Tags: bleach, death note

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