Riah (_tehriah) wrote,


. just a little archive for personal reference .
. all layouts by me (_tehriah) . comment for a request .

. Bleach .

. A Hollow World .
fanart unknown / official image by Kubo Tite and vectored by _tehriah

. Death Note .

. The L is for Love .
fanart image used taked from here / official images by Obata and vectored by _tehriah

. justiςe ơ maliςe .
official images by Obata / vectored by _tehriah

. My Name Is Justice .
official image by Obata / vectored by _tehriah

. Attack Life .
official images by Obata / vectored by

. Gankutsuou .

. Wait and Hope .
images used were taken from here and here.

. Wait and Hope .
. version 2 .
image used was taken from here.

. Miscellaneous .

. Haven't You Heard? .
images used were taken from a random photoshoot / vectored by _tehriah

Tags: bleach, death note, ed westwick, gankutsuou, layouts
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