Riah (_tehriah) wrote,


It's nothing personal! But there are a ton of people on my flist who I haven't spoken to in forever, and who I believe don't wish to speak to me. SO HERE'S THE PERFECT CHANCE TO BE RID OF ME. : D

I will definitely be joining the military if I can, though I plan to make a separate journal to log that adventure, so have no fear about me going on and on about it in here. However, I will be joining, and if that doesn't sit well with you, feel free to part ways here.

Though I am not giving up RP at all. I'll just need a small break from it for boot camp, and then I'll be back online again while I'm attending my AIT in California. :3

I defriended practically everyone on my list, so please don't take this personally. If you want me to add you back again, just comment here and I will! And if you don't, no hard feelings. Promise.

I'll be performing a similar cut on Twitter once I get my real laptop back, as that has all of my addons on it, including TwitterFox. But that will be later.

GIVE ME SOME TIME TO ADD EVERYONE BACK OKAY. I have a long day at MEPS tomorrow and may not be around much, if at all. BUT I PROMISE I WILL ADD ANYONE WHO STILL WANTS ME TO. ♥
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