November 6th, 2006

Pokemon // electric Pikachu boogaloo

omg public post! :O

[mood| sore]
[music| Geraldo At Large (shut up, I'm waiting for Malcolm)]

My teeth really hurt. :/

So. Blah blahdy blah blah. My laptop still isn't in, so I spent the day translating this to get my mind off my toothache my enormous pile of homework cleaning my pigsty of a room--what? floor? huh? the lack of shiny newness. Took a while to clean, and some of the wording was difficult. =__= Poor Matt the puppy dog. Why does everyone connect him with puppies, anyway...?


Title: Pink Sniper
Circle: H-eichi
Translated/Edited: _teriah
Length: 22 pages (covers included)
Pairing: MattxMello
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Definitely not worksafe. Yaoi. A little kinky. That's about it.

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