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So apparently Cozzy got bitten by a dog out on his walk tonight. Dad called and said he was fine, he just had some blood on him, very little of which was actually his. This is, of course, about two hours after he'd first called and told me to get ready to go out to eat in about 45 minutes. Which of course I did. Bleh.

So he said he'd be home in a bit, they took him to the vet and again, HE'S FINE, and he'd order pizza when he got here, only THAT was another two hours ago and now I'm about to DIE. COME ON. I've eaten everything there is to eat in this house. I'M STARVING OMFG.

Bleach -108 was AMAZING omfg. I'm so curious to see where he's taking this. On a side note, though, it's my opinion that his art is slipping. :/ Like I still LOVE it, but back in the opening chapters--which was a different STYLE, I know--everything seemed more carefully drawn and measured and inked, but now he rushes and his faces look a little off and his hands are all warped and people have wrists as wide as their eyeballs. idk. Just my opinion.

People on Brawl are annoying. =___= If I see one more "OMFG I HAVE BOOBS" or one more "WHUY AMN I A DOGH?" I'm going to whip someone. Matt, though, is in a pretty damn good mood. He left for London with Rukia this afternoon, and then they're off to Winchester, then New York. SHOULD BE FUN. Jasper bonded with Haine too, which was interesting. He called him a friend. He hasn't called any human that but Badou. It was cute. ;___; He'll be bored again when those two leave.

I don't want to go back to school again. Why is it Friday already?

And now for something completely different. :D

Snuzz says I might intimidate people. This amuses me because I am probably the quietest person on the planet IRL. Unless I already know you, which is of course not the case with new people. I don't think I ever talk to new people. Ever. Even when they talk to me first, they'll be lucky to get three words out of me in a row. Last week a girl passed me a pencil to use on the sign-in sheet and smiled and I had no idea what to do. YES I AM THAT SOCIALLY AWKWARD. SHUT UP.

Anyway. In here I rant and ramble because I don't think anyone but Snuzz and maybe Erin actually reads it. I know I'm an Old Brawler, but I have my contact info up and if people IM me, I talk to them. Usually. Sometimes they're just STUPID. I mean if this mun who goes around as Penis-san IMs me I will probably not be very receptive. Sorry and no offense, but I would like to think of myself as a little above that sense of humor, if that's what it's supposed to be. But yes. I'm more nonconfrontational than I am nonresponsive. I'm even less confrontational than SNUZZ.

inorite. wtf.

I suppose I can be loud and obnoxious when it comes to goofing off. And offensive? idk. I grew up with a stepfather whose idea of complimenting me was to sing songs about how I was eighteen and I'd never brought a guy home because I didn't bother smothering myself in makeup and drinking myself under a table every weekend. In public. for srs. Ask Erin; he wrote a few for her too. And then me and Snuzz just sit there and insult each other. Lovingly. Me and Megs too. Deanna calls me a loser on a fairly regular basis. Everyone else calls me a weirdo and a geek. So idk. I don't mind, I know ulm. ♥

Buuuuuuuuut I make fun of people because I like them enough to fool around with them, I suppose? Kind of like how Isshin kicks Ichigo around, so he does the same with people he trusts. I think. I'm still starving and I fail at metaphors. Anyway. If I laugh at you when you're dumb and make fun of you for it it probably means I like you enough say what I think and am expecting you to make fun of me right back. I KNOW I'M WEIRD. SHUT UP. But yeah. If I don't poke at you at all then YOU probably intimidate ME. And it's scary and I don't want to offend you. And that's the real reason I don't comment on my flist. It's long and filled with PEOPLE and I like to hide from such numbers. Hence my absence from pretty much every chat with more than five people since ever. ;-;

But Snuzz and me were talking last night about me intimidating some people, and I've been told by some people personally that I intimidate them, and it got me thinking. Not being able to fall asleep for over an hour probably contributed. =___= Anyway. All through grade school I had one friend. She multiplied into five in high school, which has slowly shrunk down to two again. I've made all of one friend in college. I have a few online, but again, it's more one or two CLOSE close friends and the rest are people I talk to somewhat regularly. I always thought it was because I was quiet. Now I'm scary? It's weird. Not to say it's bothering me, just saying I don't quite understand it, especially because at least three of the people I KNOW I intimidate are really loud and genial with everyone but me. Why? It makes no seeeeeeeeeeeense. D:

I wonder things a lot when I'm hungry and am too weak to do anything else. ;-;

SO. I don't do this very often, but I'm curious. You don't have to read my ponderous thoughts of starvation to participate. I don't think I've ever done this before though, and I figured why not, I'm in a CONTEMPLATIVE mood. See? My mood theme proves it. Oh yeah. \o/ I love Ennis. *_*


I'm even turning off IP logging! :O And leaving the entry public just in case. If Certain People feel like harassing me again, idec, I went from =__= to :I over their antics long ago. But I am curious what people think, since I talk to so few but am accessible through translations and RP to so many. LET ME ASSERT MY EXAGGERATED SELF IMPORTANCE SOME MORE, SHALL I? Or not.

SO TELL ME THINGS. PLS. So I can knooooooooooooow. And don't make fun of me for being lame and doing this in the first place. I'M ALLOWED MY ONE TIME, RIGHT? Just my one time. I want to knooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. ;_;
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