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Baccano! 1930: The Rolling Bootlegs Index

~The Rolling Bootlegs~

Prohibition Era, New York.

The Camorra, an underground organization, is preparing for an important ceremony
scheduled a few days later. A pair of thieves have just arrived in Grand Central Station.
Three brothers in the Mafia have run into a problem. A boy in the Camorra can’t help but be
disgusted by the world around him. A dutiful detective feels aggravated by all of the above.
And an alchemist’s ambition has not yet faded after two hundred years.

There was no connection between them.

Until the Elixir of Life was rediscovered on Manhattan Island.



1 . Epilogue 1
2 . Prologue
3 . The First Day
4 . That Night
5 . The Second Day
6 . Epilogue 2

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