Riah (_tehriah) wrote,

OMFG SO. Since Snuzz is THE MOST AWESOME POTATO IN THE WORLD, mk, she bought me Bleach VIBE, which is the Japanese anime book, and it's GORGEOUS OMFG. LOOK AT KUBO. LOOK AT HIM. WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO HAVE THE BRAINS TO WRITE A MANGA AS BRILLIANT AS BLEACH AND LOOK LIKE HIM OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. *___________________________________________________________________________________________________*

Er. He's on the right. Morita Masakazu is on the left--he's the director of the anime omfg why do they both look like 20. DDDDDDDDDD:


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY. They included (amongst a million gorgeous things that I'm not even going to try and list) a bonus chapter, entitled The Rotator, which is basically chapter 0 of the manga. I don't have a scanner and I'm not bending my pretty book anyway, so you'll have to make due with bad photos next to Paint-typed text. LOOK AT THIS PRETTY. WOULD YOU BEND THIS? 8|

Did I mention the cover was shiny and metallic-y? Because it is. *_________________*

On with the show!

Tags: bleach
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