Riah (_tehriah) wrote,

Bleach Cosplay 2007 Report 02

Another mask update!

I spent today sanding. Just. Sanding. From 2pm to 10pm. I sanded the top, sanded the sides, sanded the jaw. This is what my keyboard looked like at the BEGINNING, since I had the brilliance to choose comfort over practicality and just spread newspaper out on my bed to sand over. The end result is that my room is covered in a light chalkdust-like substance. Joy. I ended up scrubbing off the dust and clay in the end. I need a can of air to get under the keys.

Here it is lying flat. The jaws haven't been shaped yet, so they're SUPPOSED to look that distorted, yes yes yes. But anyway. This is after like. Three solid hours of sanding. I just. Sanded. Then sanded. Then sanded some more. When I thought I might be done sanding, I sanded even more. And the end result turned out perfectly; looks identical to bone in person. ♥

I took this picture and the one above it at the same time, so this is the same thing from a different angle. Yes, skellywag, I can bend my thumb into a right angle. I can also fold my pinky three different ways. Wanna see that too? :3

This is what it looks like right now. I realized I had to add more clay to one side of the jaw, so I did that and then added it all around the edges to fold over the plastic mask as well, and to cover up the spiky plastic inside of the jaw. Now the edges are even! But lumpy again, and I have to wait for it to dry so that I can SAND SOME MORE, YAY!

Next up: sanding, shaping the eyes and painting, then figuring out the teeth ♥

I bought patterns for hakama, haori, and habi; now I just need the fabric. I plan to use the sewing machine Mihun's got at my dad's house; I figure I can figure out how to use it in a MONTH. Thumbs-up to starting this little project early, I say. Dad's going to laugh at me. Oh well.

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