Riah (_tehriah) wrote,

Bleach Cosplay 2007 Report 01

I spent all day today working on the mask. Found everything I needed at Michael's except fake nails, which I found at Target. Little buggers take forever. =___=


This is the mask when I first started. I took a full, plain mask, cut off the nose and lips, and spread a thin layer of PaperClay over it, then carefully added more to make the entire thing even instead of shaped like a face. I also had to cut out and edit the eyes. They took forever and they're still not completely symmetrical, but I figure I can fix that with an exacto knife and some sandpaper once it's dry.

Lisa trying to be funny. HAR HAR.

While that dried, I worked on the teeth. First I cut them, then I filed them into the correct shape, then I painted them white at least five friggin' times. And this is only the top layer; I still need to do the jaw teeth. I just. Got sick of it. >.>

After it was dry enough, I played around with it until I felt like working again. I then figured out where the chin would go and cut it off of the plain plastic mask (it curved in around your chin, and Ichigo's mask doesn't curve in at all, but is flat instead). Then I superglued it to the bottom of the chin so that it was straight. I managed at this time to superglue some PaperClay onto my index finger. Yes, it is still there. Then I added more and more PaperClay and lengthened it and skdjfhskdjfh I was sick of it by this time, so I figured I can make it sharp and wick-looking with said knife and sandpaper. Not much else I can do tonight but let it dry and do the jaw teeth. Which I'm not going to do. :|

This is incredibly fun. :D

If one more person calls me a dork for this I'm going to kill them. >|

Someone feed me. D:
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