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So. If you're on dialup, steer clear pls. If you don't like Bleach, no clicky for you. There's some het and some yaoi, but nothing worse than a PG-13. So if you're twelve, go away.

None of these wonderful artses are mine. I have no idea whose they are, either. 8D Suffice to say they're brilliant; I picked a mere 62 out of the 689 in the folder, so. Enjoy. Or else. :|

I'm just posting them in the alphabetical order they're in in my fanart folder. Deal with it. 8|

I have no idea why I love this image of Kuchiki Byakuya so much. Maybe just. Because. He looks so...aloof. Like a noble should. You can't see his kanseiken, which helps; I dislike those things, status symbols or no. And his expression makes him look...weary. And once you know his backstory, about his wife and his unshakable duty to the law, it just...fits his image so well. And it's vague oekaki. I've always loved me my oekaki. 8|

Kuchiki Byakuya and Abarai Renji! This one's on the outside of my cell phone. The symbol splashed across Byakuya's chest says, for those of you who can't recognize it yet, roku, or six. Sixth Division! X3 And again, no kanseiken in sight. :3 I just love the dynamic between these two, the rivalry; one to keep the lowlife dog from Rukongai in his place, one to prove himself over the uppity, powerful law-abiding noble, and in turn the best friend he accidentally abandoned to him. It's just. *_____________*

Hitsugaya Toushirou and Matsumoto Rangiku of the Tenth Division! The two kanji on the left are the doujinshi title, I believe; the second one completely eludes me, so I didn't bother looking it up. You know, Matsumoto is fukutaichou of the Intelligence Division; everyone makes her out to be a slow, lazy drunkard (not in the bad sense, just the slow one), but she's Hitsugaya's subordinate and she's caught Gin's eye. She's got to be sharp. She is, really, when she realizes that her taichou needs her help while he's fighting Gin and later Aizen. I love her. And I love the dynamic they have together. And the coloring in this is just beautiful.

Hitsugaya in a suit! 8D Really, need I say more?

IchiRuki! X3 If I have a canon pairing in Bleach, it's this one. Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchuki Rukia. Um. Just the expressions on their faces and the overall gentleness this entire picture radiates. It makes me all gloopy inside thinking about them raising a kid together, about Ichigo smiling and laughing and carrying the kid around on his shoulders and Rukia taking it to the beach and reading it stories and adskjfhdskjfhskdjfh *__________________*

UlquiGrimm! This one is a kind of parody of one of the official chapter titles in which their silhouettes could be seen standing back to back like this. I just like the rough feel of it, and the shading, especially on Grimm's arm. Um. Grimmjow Jaegerjaques and Ulquiorra Schiffer, Sexta and Quatro in Aizen's Espada, respectively. Most of you already know how much I love them both. >.>

THE SCOWLBLUSH! If this picture isn't moving for you, refresh it. It like. Sums up their entire romantic relationship with each other, and the style is adorable. And. And. SCOWLBLUSH! X3

This is just. So. sdkfjhdskjfhsdfhsdkjfhsjdkfh. The realistic style. The expression. The colors. sdkfhskdjfhsdfjhsdkfjh

This is by the same artist who did the header in my layout, which I didn't include because it's already up there. From left to right, Ichimaru Gin, Aizen Sousuke, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, and Il Forte. It's the black, I think. And just the style overall. It makes me sdjfhjksfh

Ichigooooooooooooooo. Black tinged with red is the color of his reiatsu when he uses bankai. And this entire image is just. It's. Mmmmmmmmff. The rings around his neck and wrist. The blood. The way his robes are draped. *___________*

Ichigo's Hollow! Otherwise known as Shirosaki, which would mean "white cape" in opposition to Kurosaki, or "black cape". He officially has no name, but Shiro is much easier to type than The Hollow. >.> This image. Just. Embodies everything Shirosaki is. The bloodlust. The glee. The raw, pure emotional state in which no urge is denied, no body sacred, no escape feasible. Just. sdkfjhsdkfjhsdkjfhh. Look at his face. Look at how happy he is. It's Jekyll and Hyde in the body of a fifteen year old schoolboy. @__________________@

Aizen when he was still a shinigami. You know. I always picture Hinamori Momo on the other side of this picture, the side we're on, staring in horror as Aizen comes around the corner with that grin on his face, dripping all that blood. He still looks so...good. So trustworthy. And yet...Kubo, you got all of us with that one. Ouch.

This was my background for like. Ever. I just really love this style in general, but the expression on his face looks perfect. Bored, restless, alone...I really hope he rebels in order to become King. That would just. Make my entire life/ *___________*

Haha, this one is kind of old...but the style is gorgeous, and the smirk on his face makes me want to melt. And. That's all I have to say about that. *_________*

...Okay, so. I have a tendency to look at fanart and link it to about a million different things. This is Zangetsu, the spirit inside of Ichigo's sword, and. The bunny. Represents Shirayuki. Who is Rukia's zanpakutou. So. For Zangetsu to allow one on his head. Means ShiraGetsu AND IchiRuki. And inside. I just go. X3333333 Plus I think it's cute that they're both glaring at each other. XDDD

THE BIRDS. AND. THE CLOTHES. AND. THE STANCES. Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji, Ichimaru Gin...and...Aizen Sousuke? I can't really tell. REGARDLESS. This picture needs not explanation. If you have any EYES, that is. >|

AHAHAHA. Abarai Renji and his zanpakutou Zabimaru, who is a nue if you're not familiar with that particular branch of Japanese mythology. Again with that thinking thing. So far, Renji has been displayed with this...unique relationship with his sword that no other shinigami has imitated, at all. They're just. Close. And this picture, goofy as it is, exemplifies that. Zabimaru is the only zanpakutou we've seen materialize on our plane. And just. The way they talk to one another. Is just. ksdjfhsdkjhfkjsdfhksdh

FOXEH. Gin's portrayed as a fox a lot, since the Japanese consider foxes to be sly and tricksy, and Gin is like the personification of both those traits. And I just think this particular fanart of it is pretty. I like the scratchy, old style. It's nice. :3

...I had to include this one, STFU. >O That's a Wii controller, for all of you poor, pitiful souls out there who couldn't at least GUESS. I have another of him and Ichigo fighting each other while playing the Wii. It's hilarious. XD

I think I like the pretty colors. And the fukutaichou badge. The rough scratchies mirror Renji's rough attitude. Hee.

This is probably one of the oldest images in my folder, but still one I always seem to pause on while flipping through. It's just so. Telling. Hitsugaya never trusted Gin, always felt like the man was backing him into some kind of corner, and Gin used that knowledge to just...play with the boy. Toy with him. And. The expression on Hitsu's face. It's just so perfect somehow, creepy as it is.

THERE ISN'T ENOUGH CUTE GINMATSU OUT THERE, OMFG. I love these two. I don't say that enough. They don't have nearly enough panel time in the manga, only those few short, clipped scenes when the audience could just tell. They're so. skdjfhkdsjhkjdshfjkhkj I feel so bad for them. ;___;

IchiRenji. Is so. Freaking. Hot. Omfg. And that's all I have to say about that. :|

CHIRE, SENBONZAKURA. 8D Byakuya's zanpakutou is so pretty. I wonder what he/she looks like on the material plane. I wish Kubo would show us. ;_____; For now we'll just have to make do with the pretty floaty cherry blossoms and the pink. XD


He's all growed up! :3 There's a lot of fanart of Hitsu like that, but I prefer this one in particular because he just looks so...snarky. And he is. I also like the shading and the overall style.

This. Has got to be. One of my favorite IchiRuki pieces ever. Just. They're both so guarded naturally, but they look so comfortable with one another here. And protective. And content. And the style is just. Ugh. Gloop. Everywhere. Every time I look. *_________*

Ichigo and Zangetsu! And the wrappings. Omg, so many people ignore the wrappings. Even Ichigo did until Shirosaki showed him how useful they could be. But. The smugness on his face. Couple with the post. And the familiarity he has with his sword. Just. Omg.

HIYORI DOESN'T GET ENOUGH LOVE. She's one of the Vaizard, and I just think this picture is cute. The end. :3

THERE ISN'T ENOUGH SHIROSAKI LOVE EITHER. Really, people his presence is what makes Bleach so fascinating. It links the shinigami with the Hollows, the good with the bad, the protection with the destruction, and wraps them all up in one single soul. And. He's hot. *_____*

Another of the oldest fanarts I have. Not really a huge fan of IchiHitsu, but somehow this picture just...gets me. I think it's the perspective. And the way Hitsu's draped over him. And the state of their clothes. And the location. It just all works so well together. Brilliant, in my opinion.

...This might be official art, I'm not sure. But. HIS REIATSU. TAKING THE SHAPE OF HIS HOLLOW MASK. And the Pimp Coat. Together in one picture. I love how he did that face. kdjfhdksjhf

...This picture. Oh man. I think it's Byakuya that really gets to me. He's just so...composed normally, in control, detached, yet here he's...well, he's pinning Renji to the wall and licking at the base of his neck. 8D You don't have to see his face to know how turned on he is. And that just. THE GLOOP. IT'S BACK. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

They just look so cute together. :3 And I like the style. And how comfortable they are in each other's presence. That's all, really.

Prismacolor markers are like God's gift to fandom. *_____* But. The yukata. The way their hair is down. The colors. The tugging. kjsdhfkjsdhfklsdjfhlkjh

...I've always liked this one, and I'm still not sure why. Oekaki again. Even though he's naked, which usually implies vulnerability, his expression suggests the power he contains, just how dangerous he really is. I love his eyes. So much.


Shuuhei, Ichigo, and Renji! I love how the style is so completely different from most Bleach fanart; the artist has very distinctly made it Her Own. And the patterns on the clothes, Shuuhei's tiger in particular. And the kyuu tattoo on his arm, and the roku on Renji's face, and the...I still can't tell what's on Ichigo's. Looks like two juu, but that's Tenth. Hmm. STILL. sdkjfhsdkjfhskdjfh *_______________*


...This has gotta be one of the best Bya fanarts out there, and one of the most famous. Wanna get someone into Bleach? Link 'em to this picture. It's just. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmff. The sakura. And the open robe. And the lines of his body. sdkjhfjkdhsjdfhsdf

Another Bya! This one's much simpler, but it's of him showing emotion, so I like it. :3 He so rarely lets people know how much pain he's been in since his wife died, how painful it must be to see her in Rukia everyday, the emotion turned bittersweet because of his love for his little sister. I love Bya. So much. ;________;

This one has amused me since the day someone, probably Bri, linked me. I think it's the expression on Hitsu's face. And just. The way it displays their interactions so perfectly. She coddles him. He shoves her off. She's there for him in battle. He depends on her. sdkjfhsdkjfh

RUKIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Shirayuki has been named the most beautiful zanpakutou in Soul Society, and a zanpakutou is a reflection of a shinigami's soul. Just. Omg. I've always loved how Kubo made Rukia plain; black hair, petit, very little chest to speak of. But. She's so beautiful, in that realistic, human way that so many of us can just...identify with. She's not perfect. But she's perfect in her imperfection. Just. *____*

Ukitake Juushirou! One of the three oldest shinigami in Soul Society, and perhaps the most frail in the Gotei 13. And yet. Despite his disease (tuberculosis), he's allowed to lead the Thirteenth Division, Rukia's division, Kaien's division. He's obviously mucho importante. He's also one of my favorite shinigami ever. X3 And this picture is pretty. :3

YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH BYAREN, MK? MK. I like the way the red and white flowers blend in the middle. And how they're standing back to back. Rivals though they are, you know they trust each other; Bya would never suspect Renji of fairplay in battle and vice versa; he would never assume Renji couldn't handle something because of his upbringing, not on the battlefield, just...I love them. X3

Ichigo's got STYLE. 8D The retroactive feel of this art just amuses me. XD

If the above was the most famous image of Byakuya, used to turn people to the Bleachdom, then this is Renji's equivalent, and perhaps even more well known. I had this picture saved in my random fanart folder before I even knew who it was. Are they by the same person? I want to molest this artist. The stripes. The hair. The expression. The position. Om. Mfg. Just. Mmmf.

ANOTHER ICHIHITSU. :O I think I just like the school uniforms, and the way Hitsu is tugging on Ichigo's tie like he's seme. So many people put him on the bottom. :/

I. Love. This piece. Shunsui, another one of the three oldest shinigami in existence. And. The style. The realistic feel. The shading. kdjfhdskjhfskdjfh

Urahara Kisuke! Not really a fan of the UraIchi either, but this fanart is just cute. X3

I need more ByaRuki art. Srsly. I love those two as siblings so much. And this picture is just cute. The blush on his face. The frown. The way he's gathering the snow on his head so it doesn't chill Rukia. The happiness and warmth she obviously feels. sdkfjhsdkjfh

Ishida Uryuu and Ichigo! Not a huge fan, again, but this has been one of my favorite fanarts since forever. The artist just got their individual styles down so well, and I like the style of the piece in general. It doesn't need color. X3

I loooooooove Rukia. Have I made that clear yet? 8D Shirayuki is just so pretty. And I like the rough style in this one. And the angle.

Of all the AizenGin this particular fanartist has done, I prefer this picture to the rest of them just. Because. It's so telling. Aizen's calm as Fifth Division's taichou. The way Gin watches his back is drawing Shinsou for him. And just. I don't even know. I love these two. Evil or not, I love them.

This picture. Is so. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmff. And that. Is all. I am capable of saying.

ULQUI LOOKS CUTE. X3 I think the only guy I haven't named yet is the black blind one down on the right, Koname Tousen. I hate him. He's stupid. Grr.

I LOVE ACTION ARTS! X3 And just. The way the piece somehow looks like it's in color even though there is none.

Uryuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. He's so damn pretty. *___________*

I first found this as an icon and then demanded to be linked to the original fanart. XD Those are two Gillian class Hollows dancing behind him. His shirt says Pu-san and the background says Oren toko konaika? I...don't know what that means. 8D BUT IT'S FUNNY!

Sadly, the only YoruSoi are I have. ;___; Shihouin Yoruichi and Soi Fong, omg. These two. And their history. And the way they're clinging to each other. And looking at you. And just. YURI'S OKAY TOO. >O

HAHAHA. The baboon's face. And Renji's grin. And Bya's wtfery. And the snake's teasing. Also implies ByaRen, which is also a bonus.

I. Looooooooooooooooooooove. Zabimaru. And the angle of this image. And Renji's face. And the snake. And the way he's stepping over him so comfortably. Just. Has there ever been a more dynamic shinigami/zanpakutou duo?

Pls to be returning to your regularly scheduled flisting now. :|
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