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{ W E L C O M E }

welcome to _tehaddiction, a graphics journal. it is named as so because making graphics is a sort of stress-reliever for me; an addiction. please enjoy the graphics and read the rules before taking.

{ R U L E S }

[1] credit. please. it doesn't take but 2 seconds, and not only is it a courtesy, but it helps direct people in the right direction if they see something they like and would like to use themselves. [2] don't hotlink. just don't. it uses up people's bandwith and money. big no-no. [3] comment as often as possible. I understand that you may not always comment on everything, but please try. It lets me know what I need to change or fix and gives me an idea of what people like.

questions? comment on my most recent post or drop me a line at utlonghorn@houston.rr.com.

{ A F F I L I A T E S }

gunshotresidue; sistasouljah99; rocker_graphics

to become an affiliate, comment here.

{ O T H E R }

friending me: by all means, friend me if you'd like, but please, do not ask to be added. all my graphic posts will be public, therefore i will not be adding everyone who has me added. i do read my friends list, so i will be adding those who ive found an interest in, but there is no need to ask to be added. but like i said, by all means, feel free to add me if you'd like. = ]

what you should know: i get on frequent fandom kicks and my icons reflect that. also, i am a whore for veronica mars, and will pimp it to what is possibly an ungodly extent.

if you'd like to get to know me better, you can find my personal journal at __outdated.

{ P I M P A G E }

your tax dollars at work. grissom sara romance. csicons

{ I C O N A G E }

csi. csi actors. desperate housewives. desperate actors. teri hatcher. degrassi. jake epstein. greys anatomy. greys actors. garden state. brand new. veronica mars. and basically whatever else i feel like iconizing.

{ T E H S H I P S }

grissom/sara. grissom/catherine. warrick/catherine. nick/catherine. billy/marg. teri/james. susan/mike. bree/rex. george/izzie. meredith/derek. katherine/t.r. katherine/patrick. veronica/duncan. veronica/luke. teddy/kristen.