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More Heroes. Will hopefully have some other fandoms coming up, but this show has just completely eaten my brain lately.

comments/credit appreciated. do not edit.

teasers: 04. 16.

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[tv] grey's - misery and company

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I know Peter/Claire and Milo/Hayden fans have been squeeing over this picture for days now, and I figured it needed to be iconized, so here you go.

comments/credit appreciated. do not edit. if you have questions, ask.

10.Peter/Claire or Milo/Hayden

samples: 01. 06.

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Christmas!Heroes icons

Oh yes, my dears. They are here. Your very own Christmas!Heroes icons. Take and love and use. Sorry for the cheesy text, also, but it's the only thing I could think of. Also, if you want the textless ones customized to say something else, please don't hesitate to ask me but I ask that you do not do it yourself. They are not bases. Enjoy.

22. Christmas!Heroes

Samples: 03. 18.

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If there are casts/characters from other shows which you'd like to see in Christmas icons, feel free to mention them. I may or may not get to them, but I'll try.

GA- M/D- Hallway voices

57 icons

These have been collecting for a while now, so I figured it was time to post them. Scenes from any show up to their current points are fair game, but nothing includes spoilers beyond that. Enjoy.

01 - 06. Beyond the Break
07 - 10. Instant Star
11 - 12. Degrassi
13 - 18. Grey's Anatomy & Cast
19 - 19. Friday Night Lights
20 - 31. Veronica Mars
32 - 39. The OC
40 - 54. Heroes & Cast
55 - 57. Claire Bennet/Ryan Atwood

Samples: 19. 54.

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