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[01 Jan 2008|12:34pm]
happy new years everybody!

mine spent at ghost house. talks with old friends. lindsay. will. brad. mike. andy. arman. megan. everyone. it was nice. saw take charge for the first time, finally. brad put the whipped topping on that show. haha.
got bored with the idea of parties so went home at ten to hang out with my family.
i couldn't have spent my night any better. really. i love my family with all my heart. more than i could ever begin to explain. they will be my next tattoo for sure.
rock band till 12:

last night i was thinking about how this journal keeps my memories and i think i really need that because i tend to forget much to easily. so i think i'll keep this but make it private.

so, if you need to contact me, myspace.com/shhmorggg
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[09 Dec 2007|02:12pm]
i need to get out of this house. really.
i want to go home. six days.
boys make no sense. ever.
i hate bitches. always.
i'm so lost. so lost.
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[04 Nov 2007|11:44am]

i may love this place but i need home. too much doesn't work. i have no money. i have no food. i have no love. i have no sense of who i am anymore.
i miss my family. i miss him, even if he is here. i miss having talent. i miss feeling like i had a solid place.

i'm so lost.
and what would i do without my roommates, they are my best friends in the world. i won't be able to stand it without them.
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[15 Oct 2007|12:30am]
i'm trying my best to forget you.

i don't even know anymore. i really don't.
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[02 Oct 2007|09:58pm]
we had the best photo shoot EVER the other night. we got the studio from 10PM-3AM and danced all night and got some of the funniest pictures.
we decided we'd dress up as typical guys.

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[28 Sep 2007|09:07pm]
so i had to get some studio time so here are some of the photos i took.
more to come sunday night after we go to the studio, all my roommates, and all my neighbors. haha, it's gonna be a BLAST! seriously.

gray studioCollapse )
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[22 Sep 2007|04:22pm]
things here are undescribable.
great, depressing, fun, lonely, and everything inbetween.
i don't know, college is college, and i like it overall.
here are some pictures. they are pretty great.

trucker's atlasCollapse )
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[31 Aug 2007|12:46am]
new life, new friends, new home, new ink.
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[24 Aug 2007|04:42am]

this afternoon this is where i'll be. i don't feel ready but everyone tells me i am. i'm scared of change, but who isn't right? i don't think i can handle leaving my boy behind. this morning will be hell leaving him. i've tried not to cry these last few days but i broke down last night when my brother found my letter i wrote to him. he started to cry and i just lost it. that show how much he really cares about me and how much he really doesn't want me to go. he's the best brother anyone could ever ask for, really.
my room is empty, i didn't have a bed tonight, which caused me to not be able to sleep. that's why i'm writing this at four in the morning.
wish me luck in all this. i hope i've grown up enough to handle this on my own. i really would rather not let anyone down.
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[20 Aug 2007|11:24am]
i doubt anyone will read this anymore.
but i'm off to college in what..four days. off to minneapolis. i'm scared but excited as well. i feel i'm so behind on what everyone else has learned, like i don't have the social skills to do what i want to do. and i really would rather not leave my home. but i know this is what i need to do. it's coming so soon i think i could vomit.
i just really hope things with me and brad work out. i love the boy, i love him to death.
"i know things are going to be rough and neither of us will want to wait to see each other, but baby i promise i will always be by your side if you need me, and when you need me there, i will be on the next flight out.

i love you
and i couldnt wish for anyone else in the world.

i hope i can do this.

on a lighter note..
i got a couple new things..

meet pegasus! my see through fishy! i love him so much. he gets all excited when my face comes by his bowl. and every morning when i feed him he swims all fast when i shake his food. haha.
another new toy of mine..haha

i love this, my first phone. finally. haha.

but last night brad and i watched jesus camp, it absolutely scared the shit out of me.
then we went rollerblading! haha, i fell down three times, the last time i got like a cement burn on my butt, haha, i had to stop at that point. today, we are going to eat huhot, and i'm going to go get three shots! lovely! haha.
talk to you later.
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[28 Jun 2007|11:47pm]
so i have this boy.
i live for nights like tonight.
movie moments. nights i want to be able to watch over and over again.
suprises and pancakes. dancing and kisses. pulp fictions and just being care free. butterflies with you.
perfect nights like tonight, are the ones i'll never forget.
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[16 Jun 2007|08:28pm]

um, some serious changes have happened in my life. i'm a graduate of high school. i got my lip pierced. i got my new car. and some other things, ahaha. leanne you know what i'm talking about.
i think it's the time were i'm really suppose to start living.
the faint was last night with leanne, dustin, and some other kids. it was seriously just as great as all the other times i saw them. i got sandwiched between two gay guys, ahaha. then danced with this very pretty girl, i was bummed i only got one dance. more shows soon, i'm so excited.
hope everyone is well.
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[12 Jun 2007|01:33pm]

this is why i'm so scared to leave home. i love my brother too much. but we try to use the time we have to have the most fun. and that's exactly what we are doing.

side walk chalk, way better than you rememberCollapse )
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[10 Jun 2007|10:34am]
summer has been amazing and it hasn't even been a full week yet!
i'm so glad for:
best friends
shows in omaha
walking in on guys in the women's bathroom in weird gas'nshops
getting off on martha
hahah, mac driving a stick shift
and you know everything else that has made this so great.
graudation was yesterday. i'm done with high school forever! i couldn't be more happy.
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[05 Jun 2007|04:27pm]
it would still be amazing if i didn't have to go to work!

last day of photography, it doesn't seem like it. i'll miss genni and haley more than they will probably even realize.
went on an adventure with my bestie, leanne. village inn, incubus, victoria secret, and movie moments. i love you leanne. this summer will blow the rest out of the water.

now here's a treat.
sorry for how stupid of a laugh i have..

life really is beautiful.

besides the fact that there is jazz in june and we'll have five people in my small little store downtown. god we are gonna be so busy.
i miss my best friend, i walked into guitar center today and almost cried.
things are going to get better. this summer will be THE best.
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[01 May 2007|10:52pm]


1. deprived of physical sensation or the ability to move: fingers numb with cold.
2. manifesting or resembling numbness: a numb sensation.
3. incapable of action or of feeling emotion; enervated; prostrate: numb with grief.
4. lacking or deficient in emotion or feeling; indifferent: She was numb to their pleas for mercy.

there is nothing better to describe myself lately.
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[16 Feb 2007|07:24pm]

life is good.
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[29 Dec 2006|01:07am]
is it really that bad to have a crush on a video game character?

the greatest thing is she can't even break your heart.

haha, only bad thing is, i hate how i gawk at her then fuck up on my game.
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[14 Dec 2006|03:47am]

this is the only thing i'll miss about this place.
i love you.

oh yeah, i'm proud of myself, i have straight a's..besides two b+'s and a c.
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[08 Dec 2006|03:21am]

here i come
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