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i <3 d3st0y

31 May
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About Kris

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.:.location.:.boyertown, pa.:.
.:.occ.:.jesus freak, junior @ bash, & creator/moderator of _hearts_on_fire and team_black.:.
.:.status.:.single, searching for herhxc romeo & currently taking applications to fill the role,
IM or comment if you're interested.:.
.:.quote.:."I'm a liberal, you're a republican/We'll never agree on anything." -bang bang BEAUTIFUL

her current journal layout is credited to: ospenoptemous


agressive worship, aliens, along the line, all downhill from here, anberlin, andrew schwab, art, as i lay dying, bam margera, bang bang beautiful, beloved, bible study, blindside, blondie, blue collar comedy, bowling for columbine, boys, brave saint saturn, bright eyes, calibretto 13, chocolate, christian hardcore, christianity, cky, computers, concerts, copeland, creativity, cuddling, daria, dark humor, dark rooms, dead poetic, degrassi, democrats, demon hunter, devotionals, dogwood, do not disturb, edgar allen poe, eisley, emery, emo, fairly odd parents, family guy, fantasy, farenheit 9/11, festivals, figure four, five iron frenzy, flyleaf, frank sinatra, free spirits, fuse, futurama, gavin rossdale, geoff rickly, God, grenadas dream, hardcore, harry potter, haste the day, holly drive, homestar runner, horror, how i bury you, hugs, hxc, hxc dancing, indie, individuality, jake epstein, jars of clay, jason mraz, Jesus Christ, jimmy eat world, jon stewart, killswitch engage, kisses, larry the cable guy, liberals, lightning, lip rings, livejournal, living sacrifice, local shows, lord of the rings, love, lovedrug, mad t.v., mae, metal, mewithoutyou, michael moore, mortal treason, mosh pits, my chemical romance, napoloen dynamite, never is a promise, nirvana, norma jean, normandy, paranormal, photography, piercings, poetry, politics, prayer, pro-life, project 86, rain, reading, real punk, redneck humor, reese roper, rock, rupert grint, ryan dunn, sarcasm, screamo, showbread, sixpence none the richer, ska, skanking, skillet, spinkicks for Jesus, straight edge, stretch arm strong, subseven, switchfoot, sxe, sylvia plath, tattoos, team black, teen girl squad, the agony scene, the bell jar, the benjamin gate, the chariot, the daily show, the juliana theory, the militia group, the ramones, the sex pistols, the used, thunderstorms, thursday, two-stepping, u2, underoath, vh1, vintage anything, viva la bam, weasley twins, web design, wit, writing, your best regret, zao.


alcohol, aol, boredom, cafeteria food, cliques, closemindedness, depression, discrimination, drugs, feeling lonely, high school, ignorance, lip syncing, melted ice cream, mtv, music industry, pop, posers, poverty, pre-marital sex, preppies, rap, ruined film, Satan, sin - although I'm so good at it (we all are), slow internet connections, stress, teacher's pets, the media, viruses, weapons

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