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Thank you very much for caring for her,
A few people said about donation to her name- im not sure how to make that happen or what i could do, but maybe someone could just reply back and i could see if im smart enough to do that :P

Thank you all !
Quint and Hopper have a laugh

Has anyone seen my moral compass? I had it here a few decades ago.

I'd love to get your input on how to deal politely with salesmen/religious organizations/etc. that come round door to door.
I'd especially love to hear from those of you who've had to experience that from the flip side.

My performance in the past has usually been one (or more) of the following:

Putting a big sign on my door.
Answering and saying, I'm not interested...and b.t.w...can't you read my big sign on the door!?
Being downright rude and obnoxious.
Not answering.

There must be a better way than this so I'm asking...any thoughts that don't involve crushing the feelings of the person on the other end?
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5 X Fab Four

Some very kind people shared with me...so I'm doing them same.
Sharing some of the good-ol'-60's-flower-power Beatles wisdom with you!

Beatles- Happy Birthday- share
Beatles- Come Together-share
Beatles- Here Comes the Sun- share
Beatles- Good Day Sunshine- share
Beatles- Across the Universe- share

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Just wanted to thank you all and give you a large group hug!

Also...I've decided to let my paid account here at LJ go, and use the money for something a little more charitable.
The world could certainly use it right now.
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Freaky Links: Six Degrees of Supernatural

Keeping track of some Freaky Links in regard to odd similarities while researching SPN this summer.
For my own benefit...but I won't lock these posts in any case.

Will include this spoiler warning just in case...but it's likely unrelated crap that tends to leak from my brain now and then... so it's up to you if you want to peek or not.

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Supernatural story-arc speculation (possible spoilers)

This is more observation than meta or speculation and based only on watching the episodes and my OCD-thinky thoughts.
That being said...there is always the chance that it is a spoiler for the storyline so I'm giving the courtesy spoiler warning:

POSSIBLE SPOILERS...please do not click the cut if you are spolier-free and want to remain so.

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Book run.

So I made a little trip to Chapters yesteday and snagged:

  • Neil Gaiman's: American Gods and Anansi Boys

  • Stehenie Meyers: Twilight (cuz I figure I should get off my ass and read the series before the movie comes out...Robert Patterson...pretteh)

  • And the lastest edition of the Supernatural magazine (to put me right back into SamDean!Need...*headdesk* )

  • I'm also thinking about doing a SPN Season Four preview graphic...cuz I have this annoying little pic!bunny nibbling at my brain!