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Links to Letters and Interesting Threads

Here on the links to all of Minerva's letters and many interesting threads involving her. I've used "canonical" here to indicate which interactions are played in accordance to the "reality" of Communiquills and her character. The last section will be those interactions that could never happen and take place in the strange limbo of commentland (primarily young!Minerva and young!Sirius).

01 September 1936
Minerva writes to her father on the first night at Hogwarts.

17 September 1936
Minerva writes to Sanara Sinestra for the first time.

7 November 1936
Minerva writes to Sanara about Quidditch.

15 September 1938
Minerva makes the Quidditch team.

05 November 1938
Results of the her first Quidditch game.

26 November 1938
Minerva writes to her grandmother about being a female Quidditch player.

03 April 1939
Minerva writes to her father about a botched prank on Augusta.

05 May 1940
Minerva writes to her Aunt of a Hogsmeade visit.

08 May 1940
Minerva responds to her Aunt about Hogsmeade and talks about William.

04 December 1941
Minerva responds to a letter from Aunt Fortuna.

05 December 1941
Minerva writes to her father about bring Tom to Christmas dinner.

31 December 1941
Minerva lets her father know she's returned safely for Tom's birthday.

10 January 1942
Minerva writes to her father about Tom, Uncle Dougal, and quidditch.

27 January 1942
Minerva writes to Fortuna about crups, animagus lessons, and Tom's research into bonding rituals.

03 March 1942
Minerva writes to an Animagus researcher.

28 March 1942</b>
Minerva writes to her Grandmother about her mum's dress robes.

02 April 1942
Minerva completes the transformation.

"Canonical" Tom/Minerva Threads
Tom and Minerva meet for the first time

Minerva distracts Tom from studying (NC-17, wallsex)

"Minerva sneaks into the Slytherin Dungeons (NC-17, knifeplay, bloodplay)

Tom takes Minerva to the RoR (NC-17, Parseltongue, breathplay)

Tom and Minerva discuss Markings and Myrtle (Gen)

Tom and Minerva play hide and seek in the Forbidden Forest" (NC-17, Parseltongue, light bondage, angry!Minerva)

Tom marks Minerva (NC-17, tattooing, frotting, petrified!Minerva)

Later "Canonical" Interactions:
Minerva talks to Sirius on his 17th birthday

Minerva talks to James about failing a test

Diary!Tom possesses Ginny and comes to see Minerva

Sirius comes to see Minerva after escaping from Azkaban (Oh the beautiful angst and revelations)

Sirius returns to Minerva after the Triwizard (NC-17!)

Random "Non-canonical" Porn (NC-17)Threads
Tom and Minerva become distracted from the Pudding Fight

Minerva takes Sirius to the Stables Bondage, S/m, D/s.

Minerva and Blaise in the RoR

Minerva and Bill Weasley in the Anonymous Halloween Orgy"

"Minerva trains Sirius" Bondage, S/m, D/s, paddling, CBT.

Sirius, Bill, and Minerva play in the Gryffindor Common Room, while Someone watches
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