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Yuletide recs - The Dark is Rising series

Another one of my favorite series, and actually one that works very well as a winter read. I may have to do that soon.

Cold Dawn
This could be the beginning of the next book in the series. It takes elements from the other novels and keeps the characters as themselves. I'm going to have to keep an eye on the author, in case more is written!
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Yuletide recs - Vorkosigan fics

Aral and Cordelia make up one of my favorite pairings ever. They managed to have enduring, solid-as-a-rock love while still respecting each other as separate people. They even still make each other laugh. I'd love to have something half as good as that.

A cozy little lovenest by the fire.

Alone Time
In which Cordelia and Aral learn how to get some private time, without Miles hanging about.
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Yuletide recs - Homicide: Life on the Street

I wish I'd seen this series when it was live - I can just imagine myself forced to wait on tenterhooks to find out what happened to Frank, or whether Bayliss would ever fit in. I must get this on DVD as soon as the finance gods allow.

Everything Else is Homicide
A solid, fast-paced epic that reads much faster than it should. I love Kay Howard.
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Yuletide recs - Black Books

Black Books recs -

The Morning After
Just like what it sounds like, with some really wonderful LOL moments.

The Green Fairy
Manny puts up Christmas decorations, and hilarity ensues. Excellent Fran voice.

Pimping my own present again. This feels like it could easily be an episode of the show, and the intervention scenes are so well done I could just see them.

Sonic Treacle
Bernard thinks he's the Doctor. Totally awesome.

Manny goes to Barcelona, and the shop is infiltrated by geeks.

OK, fine, I basically recced *all* of the "Black Books" fics. So sue me.