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feather for each wind

I started a new story today

It took up nearly my entire day. So far, I'm really pleased with it - I'm even going to start posting it at fevered_images, so you can follow along if you like. It's got a ways to go, but it's got genetically engineered flying tiger-mages and a kick-ass female protagonist.

Other than that, nothing was accomplished today. That's what happens when I get a new idea that won't shut up. Tomorrow, I'm seeing some friends. Sunday, I return to the world of waxing for a brazilian and forearms. Monday, I has a date - a combination of "Criminal Minds" and "Fruits Basket". Because sleep after several episodes of CM with no palate cleanser makes for no sleep.
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Fire aftermath

Well, my apartment smells of smoke, and all my belongings are shoved hither, thither and yon, but at least it's dry here now. There are several monster-sized blower fans attempting to dry out the ceiling and floor, but it's obvious they'll have to replace both the ceiling and floor in both the kitchen and living room. Crap. I'm frustrated, but it's better than the place getting condemned.

I also rediscovered that I actually have renter's insurance, so I may actually be able to stay in a hotel for a week or so - though I'd really rather stay here. And there's the bunny to consider, too, so I'll just have to see. I talk to the insurance agent tomorrow morning, when I see what they would be willing to cover. I know I have a $250 deductable, but I may be able to borrow that from someone and just pay them back when I get my next paycheck.

Now I'm really glad I hadn't bought a kitchen table and chairs yet. They would have been ruined. 0.0

I'm working - sorta

I'm in San Antonio for a business thing, but I spent a lot of today working on a fanfic bunny. Oops.

Dexter femslash will be posted later. Maybe tomorrow. Right now, I'm too tired and full of crappy food.

So why did I eat crappy food? I wish I knew.