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Fanfic: Film Noir - Torchwood

30 Drabbles in 30 Days - Day Two

Prompt: I've got too many regrets, I smoke too many cigarettes - karaokegal
Title: Film Noir
Fandom: Torchwood
Spoilers: through the end of Series 2, sort of - no big surprises
Disclaimer: Torchwood and the characters and settings contained herein are property of the BBC.

He figured he had a few days at least before the cigarettes started making him cough when he wasn't smoking them. Probably longer before Jack noticed.

Ianto had always been a clean liver - eat healthy, exercise, moderate drinking of red wine with dinner, straight as an arrow - he just barely managed to keep from beating the fag against the wall at the thought. Torchwood had eaten every trait that he'd thought made him who he was, and gave him this in return: stale cigarettes in a dark alley.

He leaned out of the lamplight when Gwen made her entrance with a sad, anticipatory look on her face, on her way to see Jack. Ianto crushed the coal of his cig against the wall and followed after a discreet few moments, flipping the sign in the tourist shop to "closed."
HPDH: hello minister!

Hitler is pissed at the BBC

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I especially like the subtitle that shows up in the screen before you start the video, for some reason.

Thanks to diachrony for the link. This made my day.

Hard to believe I side with the Third Reich on anything, but Tosh! and Owen!



ETA: YouTube appears to have removed the vid. This is very sad. I offer a similar series in memoriam.

TW - Owen - becoming the beast

TW fanfic: The Face of God

Title: The Face of God
Pairing: Tosh/Ianto, mentions of Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen
Rating/Warning a very hard R, and very very dark, potentially noncon
Summary: Ianto explains something to Tosh
Author's Notes: WARNING: this is not a nice fic. Owen's current "status" threw a monkey wrench in my plans for this 'verse. Many, many thanks to my betas karaokegal, diachrony. You guys rock.
Disclaimer: Torchwood and the characters appearing in this fic are property of the BBC. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Generic fandom squee!

I found some amazing TW fic today, which I will have to rec as soon as I can find the link to it. Hot and thoughtful and full of angst and it made me very happy.

I even have a new TW fic at beta right now. It's dark dark dark, but apparently that's where my brain is right now.

I also found animated gifs of the in flagrante delicto scene from an upcoming TW episode (yes, I know I can download it somewhere, but I so much prefer the big TV screen ...) which gave me a definite tingle and a serious laugh. I cannot wait to see it - but I suspect that I will. 'Cause I'm lazy.

And now, my personal fave fandom squee for tonight: OMG PARANORMAL STATE. I frickin' love this show. Not because it's good - it's more like the opposite of good, in that "bad!fic that's so bad I can't stop laughing" kind of way. I seriously cheer when Chip Coffey, their resident and extremely flamboyant medium shows up.

And then there's the Dashing Leader, aka "Ryan", who is constantly giving out little St Christopher medals and the occasional spritz of holy water as the cure-alls for those nasty spirits, but won't allow anyone to say the name of demons they supposedly run into. I somehow think it's unlikely that The Paranormal Research Society could really beat back Belial with a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel (wtf? an angel is not generally also a saint) and by refusing to say his name aloud. A&E even bleeped out the name when someone said it. Oops, look out, we might have a host of demons in all the living rooms in the US if we allow that out on the airwaves!!!

And yes, I know that no one cares about my PRS obsession. But I had to squee. I'm still not over the Mothman episode. *mops tears of laughter*