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I am no longer squeeing about this movie

Specifically, The Seeker.

They've managed to rip out the heart of the book The Dark is Rising while allowing its shambling corpse to stumble into movie theatres. I love this series. Why theatre gods, why???

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I'll probably still see it, but I'll also still be royally pissed by what they've done to one of my favorite books.

Woe is me, no TV

Or internet, really.

I just moved, and the sattelite dude is hooking things up tomorrow, so I can get my fix of that soon. But the internet won't be working for a bit. Unknown due date. Right now, I'm sitting on the (hard) wooden floor of the old place, typing in the cold because the internet still works here.

I'm afraid to look at posts for fear of being spoiled for Heroes, or House, or CSI, or whatever. At least I can still read at home.