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Thoughts on why m/m is so much more prevalant than f/f

So I had this conversation with an off-line friend today, and thought it might be interesting to others ...

-- Not enough femslash in the fandom world, I think.
- Totally not. What's with all this m/m slash?!
I think part of it (to put on my meta hat) is that men
in movies/tv are portrayed as really close buddies,
and the tension is just *there* whether they want it
to be or not. Women are often just portrayed as
either bitchy to each other or good friends. And
touching, being physically close, is more socially
normal with women than men. I've seen so many icons
of House and Wilson practically in each other's laps,
and there are also plenty similar scenes with female
actors, but socially, the tension just isn't the same.

I'd be interested to hear what others have to say on the subject. Am I full of it? Any other reasons for this (possibly perceived) lack of femslash?
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