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I must have the worst constitution ever. If I were a D&D character, my constitution would be a 4. Or something equally pathetic. I have to roll a 20 to avoid getting sick.

I am always getting sick. And then it becomes the bubonic plague every single time, laying me low for literal weeks as I live with pounding head, lightheadedness, sniffles, cough and lack of sleep due to coughing all night.

Gah! So annoyed!

Maybe it has something to do with not being breastfed. My girlfriend was breastfed until the age of two (or something, she was old enough to demand "BOOBIE!" when hungry, anyway) and she has a disgustingly robust immune system. She gets a cold and she feels a little phlemmy. I get the same cold and I want to sleep for two weeks and use boxes and boxes of tissues.

I'm getting some no-chicken noodle soup at whole foods tonight, damn it.

I'm not annoyed at my girlfriend, mind you. Just my own substandard immune system. Besides being totally jealous.