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Ow, my brain

Well, I found time to write today, but it was like squeezing blood from a beet - messy, and not altogether satisfying.

At least the words came out, and the plot is still moving merrily along. 1872 words today, 12,853 total. Woot!

In other news, I still hate my job. Hate hate double hate.

In other other news - I'm highly annoyed by our DVR, or maybe just how Heroes is aired over here in the frozen north. The show always goes over time by several minutes, and therefore, even though we've set that particular entry to record longer, it never seems to be long enough. Thus, I get to see the *beginning* of the week's reveal/cliffhanger, only for it to be cut off. I end up screaming "NOOOOOO!!!!!11!!1" at the TV screen.

Therefore, we'll be recording the show right after it, Journeyman. I'm not excited about the show, but I *need* to see the ends of these episodes!!

And now, the weary writer goes to bed. Alarm goes off at 5:15 AM, in a little less than seven hours.