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Good god, it's like Terry Gilliam had a love child.

I loved this movie. It was a perfect little fairy tale, with the bad and the good and the I'm-not-sure and the star-crossed (literally) lovers. The effects were amazing, the acting was great (Ian McKellen was not overblown in my opinion, despite what The City Pages said) and the make-up was bloody astonishing. I hope the artist that worked on Michelle Pfeiffer gets nominated for an Oscar; I couldn't believe how well it stood up under a close-up, 20 feet tall no less. The only flaw I did notice in that make-up was that Pfeiffer's teeth were only brown on the outer-facing side at the end of the movie.

I was really happy with the adaptation of the novel/graphic novel, too. They condensed Dunstan's back-story into something reasonable, while still keeping all the truely important points. Robert De Niro again shows us his star quality in the sky-pirate Captain Shakespeare (who wouldn't serve under him? seriously), and the ending worked just as well, even though simplified. Made me cry.

I also loved the Greek chorus that was the dead brothers. I loved that they were all nicer people once dead with no reason to be ambitious anymore. And the fact that they were startled to be sad when Tristan claimed the ruby and they vanished. It was like they were learning to actually like each other. And they had literal blue blood. How funny was that.

I did wish they'd kept the time differential between England and Faerie, so that Tristan would actually have been gone much longer than he'd thought. But that's just me being a faerie purist, I guess.

In all, I loved it muchly. I want it on DVD, so I can cry all over again.