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I was adored once too


God, I so love Yuletide. I got the most amazing stories this year. Yes, stories plural, I got two!

Both in the fandom of Donna Tartt's "The Secret History":



How the Mirror Broke

Both of these are just amazing. Go and comment! I think they're amazing, even if you don't know the fandom. It may convince you to read the book.
bbanzai-john whorfin

We hates the voice mail jail, don't we precious.

So it turns out the lien release was never attached to the title on my beetle, which is stupid since the loan was paid in full probably before 2000. And Wells Fargo can't find record of it. They tell me to go down to any branch office (I'm betting this won't work, I'd be surprised if I don't have to go to the actual branch where I got the loan) and fill in some forms and perhaps sign away my soul, for all I know.


And I really want to start doing yuletide recs, but I have no time. I need a new job, I need to help us all find a new home, I have actual work to do. I am stressed.

At any rate, the only rec I have on hand is the story written for me, Lilacs and Spring Rain, which is a really wonderful casefile for Homicide: Life on the Street. I really miss that show. I think I'll be putting that onto my list of DVD tv series that I need to have.

*wishes for valium or something*