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Hear no evil

Groundhog day: Jimmy vs. Phil

Ok, so I'm from Sun Prairie, WI, which claims to be the Groundhog Capital of the World. He was not featured in the film Groundhog Day but he does have a better track record than Punxsutawny Phil. Here are some pictures from today's celebration. In one of them, he looks almost demonic. I don't know whether I'd let that face get close to my ear, 'sall I'm sayin'.

Phil disagrees with him this year. I saw a news item once about Phil; apparently he's an angry little guy. His handlers have to wear chain mail gloves.

(Disclaimer: I don't think the rodents actually predict the weather. They just provide an excuse for a silly party with moose milk.)
bbanzai-john whorfin

We hates the voice mail jail, don't we precious.

So it turns out the lien release was never attached to the title on my beetle, which is stupid since the loan was paid in full probably before 2000. And Wells Fargo can't find record of it. They tell me to go down to any branch office (I'm betting this won't work, I'd be surprised if I don't have to go to the actual branch where I got the loan) and fill in some forms and perhaps sign away my soul, for all I know.


And I really want to start doing yuletide recs, but I have no time. I need a new job, I need to help us all find a new home, I have actual work to do. I am stressed.

At any rate, the only rec I have on hand is the story written for me, Lilacs and Spring Rain, which is a really wonderful casefile for Homicide: Life on the Street. I really miss that show. I think I'll be putting that onto my list of DVD tv series that I need to have.

*wishes for valium or something*

fic/fandom journal vs personal journal

I'm thinking of starting up a journal just for fandom squee-ing and the fic I occationally post, separate from this one. I seem to be using this journal more and more as an outlet for all my personal wank&such, and I know of at least a couple people on my flist that friended me for the fic and squeeage.

Anyone have any opinions?

Cleaning and fic and bills, oy

I've been frantically trying to prepare our giant mess of a house for diachrony's visit, and failing miserably. Two steps forward, eight steps back. Seems that way anyway. The place is a giant collection of clutter, and I'm beginning to despair of it ever being different. Sigh. I have to at least clean up the spare bedroom. I'm currently using it as a walk-in closet, which makes it hard to have a house guest.

Part of the reason my house is still such a mess is that I've got a major angry plot bunny, and it will be heard. And let out. And stomp all over my weekend. The first draft is mostly done, and I'm betting I'll have a buttload of work to do on it after that. It was one of those things that just poured out, and I know there's a lot of filling in I need to do. Oh goodie.

And bills. Hoo boy. If I'm really going to Europe next year, I need to save money, and pay off bills, and stop buying stuff. Argh.

Real life adventures and a fun meme

So first - real life intruded last weekend, keepin' me from y'all. At least it was mostly fun!

I went to Duluth (MN) with a good friend of mine on a girl's weekend, sightseeing and hiking. We took pictures and looked at lots of pretty things, and bonded. It was all good. Perfect weather. No stress, no plans. Aaaahh.

Then I got home on Sunday just in time to help aminal chop up some fallen branches in our lawn and then mow the damn thing yesterday. We uncovered a bee's nest in the front yard. *shudders* I have a bee phobia. :P

Also sent two stories off to my lovely betas diachrony and desdemonaspace this weekend. Now I have lots of work to do.


Meme, nicked from norwegianne, via misscam
1. Use fanfiction.net's Search Story By Summary and look up your name in either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.
2. If there are any Mary Sues that share your name, pick the worst-sounding one and post the summary.

"Aimee and Katie are snatched from their home, and thrown into another world...the very world in-which the fellowship reside in..."
(story here)

And no, my name isn't Katie.

I posted the HP bit I found in misscam's journal, in case anyone is interested.