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Spaulding Gray is my new verbal obsession

So today, I caught the last half hour of Spaulding Gray's monologue/movie "Monster in a Box", about his experience writing his novel "Impossible Vacation".

I was mesmirized by his rapid-fire delivery, biting, dark wit, and the moments of true drama that he sprinkles in. He talked a lot about his reaction to his mother's suicide and those moments just smacked me in the gut. Followed by hysterical stories about touring another monologue/movie, "Swimming to Cambodia".

At any rate, I'm now reading the novel, and I'll be searching the IFC channel for his monologues. I love so much when something or someone leaves me totally gobsmacked - and this did it. Woof.

And speaking of swooning:

karaokegal has brought John Barrowman's musical career - and I'm hooked. I'm a musical theatre geek, so I'm honestly shocked it's taken me so long to discover him this way. I'm totally buying his music as soon as I can afford it. Along with Torchwood season 1 DVDs. Can not wait!