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My arms are now rubber

I did Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper today. I noticed a slight uptick in performance in the abs workout, which may be just wishful thinking, but I'm gonna take it.

This routine is lots of bicep curls, triceps dips, shoulder presses and flies. Ouch. They all start off feeling so easy and kill me by the end of it. I'm still using the bands, since weights cost money, but I feel like I'm getting a serious workout, so perhaps I shouldn't focus so much on knowing numbers.

I've also taken stoney321's advice and started using milk as my recovery drink. This seems to work pretty well.

In other news, I'm seeing Baby Star Trek tonight, and feel high levels of anticipation. Yay! And I get to see it with belmikey, too, which is awesome.
Amazing abs

P90X - day two

Today was Plyometrics. This is one hell of a workout. I was pausing the DVD more than a few times, especially once I got past the halfway point, just so I could catch my breath and get my heart rate back into a reasonable place. I decided not to be too pissed at myself about that, since it was only day two, after all, and there's a reason I feel like this will be a good workout routine for me.

Some of the moves are just killer cardio. The jump squats where you try to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible, for example. And then they make it worse by doing it *double time*. I refused to do that part, just kept the pace I had before, but damn, is that inspiring.

And now, to prove I'm insane, I'm going to go eat lunch before doing eskrima in the park at 2pm. I think I'll be keeping my intensity way down. Especially since I expect to eat quite a bit.

Ow ow

Today I did my first full P90X workout, and my arms are shaky enough that typing is interesting. I did two routines today, as per the instruction schedule - Chest & Back followed by Ab Ripper X.

The first routine is a *major* workout, with several different kinds of pull-ups and push ups, with just a few weight/resistance band exercises thrown in. I think I may need to get actual weights - the bands just don't seem to do it for me. Maybe I can borrow Matthew's 10 and 15 lb dumbbells ...

Anyway, I can tell I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. My shoulders especially, which probably indicates I need to watch my form.

The ab workout is just 15 minutes long, but you're moving every second. I don't think I've ever really hit muscle failure in an *ab* workout before, just *motivation* failure, but this workout gets me awfully close. I'll be really interested in how I feel tomorrow, especially since I have eskrima practice in the park in the afternoon. And the Plyometrics routine in the morning.

The rest of today, after shower and prettification, is taken up with a date with MK. I'm looking forward to seeing him; he's always a great deal of fun, and introduces me to all sorts of new foods and wines. And stuff. Heh.
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Amazing abs

New exercise routine - P90X

I blame dedicate this new routine to diachrony, who introduced me to the concept and had me drooling to do it in less than five minutes. This is extra-specially amusing since she wouldn't touch the workout with a ten foot pole, since her knees would get major hurt and she doesn't even like the style. She prefers these workouts that look simple and easy and then make you hurt and quiver and cry like a baby.

I, OTOH, apparently like the idea of basic training without the yelling and demoralizing. Who knew.

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