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23 April 2008 @ 10:48 am
I'm sure everyone and their collective dog has heard about this insanity by now, but it deserves to be mentioned again.

Someone in the first page of comments invited this guy to bring his "let me squeeze your boobs!!1!" project to my favorite con, and I hope he doesn't show up with boxes of his buttons. Maybe I'll get one of the "not free-range boobies" shirts to wear there. Of course, that would just be labeling myself for his project's convenience, only using something other than a button. WTFBBQMFer.

As is usual in these cases, many others have expressed themselves much better than I ever could. Here are some of them:

kate_nepveu ponders On asking to touch the breasts of a stranger
springheel_jack rats out open source male assholes
hernewshoes asks is this truly the only world I can live in?
brown_betty wonders oh jesus, am i wearing my *objectify me* pin again?
and tablesaw's extremely great post on privilege, context, etc. (thank god for good straight men, seriously, or I might become sexist)

Many thanks to diachrony for linking me to the journalfen post on this mess.

Also, OH JOHN RINGO NO by hradzka, which is my new favorite meta-reference.
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