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I can haz new icon?

Nano went well today, 1964 words, 10,981 total.

I also talked to the recruiter woman - I think they may be looking more for an immediate hire, which I really can't do from a permanent position like I have now. We'll see, I think she was going to call me again tomorrow, potentially with an interview time (for tomorrow, I'll have to dress nice).

It also inspired me to apply to several more positions I found on Monster - must not have all eggs in one basket.
burn notice - duct tape

I'm tired!!!

And kinda wired. Thus the posting and stuff.

I made quota again today for Nano - 1942. I'm also going to start posting the story in f'locked entries at my writing comm, fevered_images.

I'll also be talking to the recruiter tomorrow morning. I'll have to make sure I can hide when she calls, so people don't hear me talking about a new job. Eeek!

Got an email -

From a recruiter. Oh please gods of whatever, please let me get a new job that I don't hate.

I sent her my resume.


In other news, I made word count for NaNo, and I'm really happy with the text so far. I'm using Corrine Kenner's book on using the Tarot as a writing tool. It really works.

Unfortunately, it's also addicting. I could do this shit all day *instead* of writing. Ooops. But at least I made quota.