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23 July 2007 @ 10:33 am

I installed Leopard this weekend, thanks to my lovely friend John. Updated OS for the new and shiny! I didn't *really* need it; 10.3 was doing just fine. It will be nice to be able to leave the hex 128-bit WEP password in the wireless profile rather than typing the damn thing in every single time I logged on.

I watched The Dead Zone last night, and liked it more than usual. It had a serious Casablanca feeling going on, with the '40s hair, make-up and clothing on the main guest star, the train (it seemed to be steam, even), the "going to Quebec" thing that made passports and passport checking necessary in a place that speaks both English and French. All it needed was Louis at the end for the obligatory "beautiful friendship" line.

Of course, the main guest star wasn't exactly Ilsa. She was a con artist trying to reform, which made me think of The Maltese Falcon. Apparently, the writer(s) had a Bogart fetish. Hee. Not that I mind.
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