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Annoying brain is annoying

It's really come home to me in the past few weeks how closely tied my migraines are to my current level of denial. When I'm trying to avoid something unpleasant, I get almost one a week.

Last night I got one in between aikido and eskrima, so I spent the hour-and-a-half class trying to relax enough so that I could participate. I would have just gone home, but the classes are absolutely vital for my psychological health, and turning into a bed-slug is just a bad plan all the way around.

So here I am, at work, contemplating skipping aikido for the night so I can get to bed at a decent hour. And get up and go back to aikido for open gym on Saturday. Gotta get ready for that belt test, whenever they decide to set it.

On the plus side - I got the first draft of the unicorn-pegasus-kitten story finished!



After five years of comfortable vegetarianism, I'm now slowly beginning to question the position's intelligence.

Not to mention the fact that the position is eroding under me, anyway.

I recently started taking glucosamine supplements (see subject header, taken directly from the bottle), and I'm dismayed to see how much benefit I'm seeing from the addition. The knocks to my knuckles from eskrima (and now I'm adding SCA rapier and heavy fighting into the mix) that had been taking months to heal are literally going away days after starting the supplements. I am forced to see the use of these pills - and I wish I didn't.

See, I like the fishies. I don't want to need to eat them.

I also like the pigs, and cows, and deer, and chickens and turkey and ... you see the problem.

Now, I know that humans have evolved to be omnivores. We'll eat a bit of everything, and we get our nutrients best from the source, rather than from vitamins where they aren't absorbed well. I know that I gas out quickly in some of my cardio workouts, which could be due to a lot of things, including not enough proteins, amino acids, iron ... blah blah. All of which are best taken in meaty form.

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I may need to become a compassionate omnivore - eat meat at most once a day, and make sure it's good, organic, well-treated animal. And never forget that the beastie that I'm eating (god, that made me wince) had a personality, and a life.

Crap, I'm getting teared up writing this. It's really hard when reality gets in the way of your principles.