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Minnesota is not so fun today

Now, I realize that I live in Teh Frozin Nort, and therefore should expect a little cold. And I do.

The thing I'm objecting to today is the weather's bipolar behavior.

Yesterday: High of 44° F

Today: High of 4° F, windchill of -27° F


At least there's new 'House' tonight, though I'm keeping my expectations low. Right now, I feel that they have a few too many regular characters for a show that's riding on Hugh Laurie's shoulders. As in six too many. I want House, Wilson and Cuddy, and everyone else can be an occasional guest star. (nearly typed that as "occasional death star", heh)
House - players

Fic rec - House/BSG AU

Really, you must read these. Seemless mesh of House and BSG, and eloquent as hell.

Breathe, Keep Breathing by thedeadparrot
That irritated House, because if there was one thing House couldn't stand, it was complacency. His face took on an expression that was probably most familiar to Foreman, Cameron, and Chase, but they were long gone now, and the only one who could recognize it was sitting right next to him.

and the sequel:

A Song to Keep Us Warm by thedeadparrot
It's raining, and Wilson closes his eyes, listens to the soft pitter-patter of it on the ground, against the tent. He'd missed this, out in space, more than anything else. On Picon, it had been wet, but not cold, and when he thinks of home, he always thinks of the sound of rain, lulling him to sleep. They've spent more than a year on New Caprica (more than they spent in space), but sometimes (when everything seems too small, when he expects to see gray walls everywhere he turns), sometimes he still misses rain.