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Fanfic: Queen of the Ship - Firefly

30 Drabbles in 30 Days - Day Five

Prompt: Come live with me and be my love - diachrony
Title: Queen of the Ship
Fandom: Firefly
Spoilers: none at all, set in some indeterminate time before Serenity. Wash/Zoe
Disclaimer: The characters portrayed here, as well as the setting, are property of Joss Whedon.

The surface of their bunk dipped under his woman's weight long past her usual time that night, and Wash felt a soft sigh escape him.

As one'd expect, she heard him - those soldier's ears were tuned so's she'd notice a cricket's snore.

"Husband," she murmured in that low voice that'd make a statue perk up and take notice, "Was no need to wait for me."

He rolled to see Zoe's glorious curls backlit by the light from the half-shut hatch behind her, feeling a sheepish smile curve over his face.

"I'd soon as steer this ship into a star, as miss a moment with you."

She leaned in, the curtain of her hair covering him in dark like a crow's wing.