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Tallian's fandom evening

I've started watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicales thanks to diachrony, and I'm completely hooked. I must have season 1 on DVD as soon as freaking possible. Right now, I'm watching this week's episode, Allison from Palmdale, and I just can't believe I haven't been watching this from the beginning. It's an amazing show. The portrayals of women make me so happy I squeal, and even the incidental characters are well-drawn.

I even have a T:SCC fanfic in the works. W00t, I'm writing again!

Next, I'll probably be watching Heroes, though I'm not hoping for much. I still really love the tone of the show, and some of the characters, but the writers seem to have no idea how to keep things going.

Then, I'll be watching Life - another show I came to love last season. We'll see how that goes.