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Amazing abs

P90X - day two

Today was Plyometrics. This is one hell of a workout. I was pausing the DVD more than a few times, especially once I got past the halfway point, just so I could catch my breath and get my heart rate back into a reasonable place. I decided not to be too pissed at myself about that, since it was only day two, after all, and there's a reason I feel like this will be a good workout routine for me.

Some of the moves are just killer cardio. The jump squats where you try to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible, for example. And then they make it worse by doing it *double time*. I refused to do that part, just kept the pace I had before, but damn, is that inspiring.

And now, to prove I'm insane, I'm going to go eat lunch before doing eskrima in the park at 2pm. I think I'll be keeping my intensity way down. Especially since I expect to eat quite a bit.
coral fish

xmas doings

Just got back from eskrima, and won't have more of beating on things until next week Tuesday. Drat these holiday breaks! Stop messing with my schedule!

Since I don't have much of anything to do tomorrow, I'll be starting work on a fic for ppth_support's NYE party, on the only subject I can think of which I have some experience. We'll see how that goes. karaokegal has already offered to beta, and I'll have to see if I can talk diachrony into helping, too.

I'm also working on various and sundry original!fic in the hopes that I'll eventually sell something, or at least get published. That should take up a bunch of tomorrow and the actual xmas day, and I've got plans involving actual human interaction for the weekend. We'll see how much I can pack in.

Happy and safe holidays to all!