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Dresden Files

I've been watching The Dresden Files on SciFi since it started, and I feel like it's finally starting to hit its stride. The last episode "Bad Blood", slipped in some backstory that made me very happy. They're leaving it all very background for the time being, and I like salivating for the scraps TPTB offer me.

I've read Jim Butcher's first Dresden novel (and first novel, period) Storm Front, and really enjoyed it. One reviewer quoted on the jacket refered to it as "Harry Potter for adults", and I think I agree. I love fantasy like this, that weaves the magic world into our surface world seamlessly enough that it could actually be happening. The story in the novels isn't exactly similar to what's in the book, from what I can tell. I'm glad; that means I can enjoy both forms without getting pissed off about how they're not respecting the books. I can like them for what they are.

And the actors are making me quite happy. Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden is really fun to watch. I knew I'd seen him on 24 and really liked his role. I had to check to be sure he was English, which is always a good sign that his dialect training is good. And Terrence Mann as Bob made me squee like I was a lot younger. Any Broadway/West End actor like this makes me squee. Even if he was in Critters.

So, all in all, yay!