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27 March 2009 @ 09:03 pm
I can't believe I hadn't been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles until recently. Tonight's episode continues a string of riveting episodes that made the hour feel more like five minutes. Next week's ep preview has me panting for the week to GO AWAY NOW, CAN IT BE FRIDAY AGAIN DAMMIT.

This is part of the reason I often don't watch TV series in first airing. I can't freaking wait that long.

And then Dollhouse. Holy crap. This episode was rumored to be the one where it suddenly turned into a Whedon show - I'd go a week earlier with that idea, but here, Whedon's humor finally came out. Helloooo Topher's package! The drawer of starches! Dominic petting his suit!

I also really like how the plot is finally pulling together. The serious attributes are becoming very addicting. And the relationship between Melanie and Paul makes me very happy. He's gorgeous, she's beautiful - and so much closer to normal weight than any other actor regularly on TV that it nearly makes me weep to see it. I know, I know - the skeletal nature of the rest of the women on the show doesn't generally support my glee. However, DeWitt's older and they're letting her look older.

I need some T:SCC and Dollhouse icons. Soon!
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