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Fanfic: Eclipses - Dr Who

30 Drabbles in 30 Days - Day Six

Prompt: eclipses - belmikey
Title: Eclipses
Fandom: Dr Who; Ten, Rose
Disclaimer: Dr Who, along with the characters and settings contained herein, belong to the BBC.

Rose put her hand to the door of the TARDIS.

"Good heavens, woman! Don't go out like that!"

She snatched her hand back, burned. Grimacing, she called back, "What? Not formal enough for the completely barren plain you've brought me to?"

A pair of distinctly unfashionable black spectacles swung into view from over her shoulder.

"Required dress," the Doctor said gravely, "I can't let you out without them."

Rose groaned. Shoving the hateful things into place, she stormed out, anxious for her first fresh air in days.

The view outside stopped her cold.

Two flaming rings hovered in the darkened sky, bright white against midnight blue.

His casual hand at the nape of her neck chilled her, his pulses beating a doubled counterpoint to her own racing heartbeat.

"Happy birthday, my dear."