Tags: day 3


My arms are now rubber

I did Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper today. I noticed a slight uptick in performance in the abs workout, which may be just wishful thinking, but I'm gonna take it.

This routine is lots of bicep curls, triceps dips, shoulder presses and flies. Ouch. They all start off feeling so easy and kill me by the end of it. I'm still using the bands, since weights cost money, but I feel like I'm getting a serious workout, so perhaps I shouldn't focus so much on knowing numbers.

I've also taken stoney321's advice and started using milk as my recovery drink. This seems to work pretty well.

In other news, I'm seeing Baby Star Trek tonight, and feel high levels of anticipation. Yay! And I get to see it with belmikey, too, which is awesome.

Got an email -

From a recruiter. Oh please gods of whatever, please let me get a new job that I don't hate.

I sent her my resume.


In other news, I made word count for NaNo, and I'm really happy with the text so far. I'm using Corrine Kenner's book on using the Tarot as a writing tool. It really works.

Unfortunately, it's also addicting. I could do this shit all day *instead* of writing. Ooops. But at least I made quota.