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04 March 2007 @ 01:28 pm
So first off, I really enjoyed this novel. It's really different from the voice of the first of Bear's novels I read, Blood and Iron, which only seems to make sense. This is a straight-up sci-fi novel, so I don't expect florid language and descriptions here, where I do when I'm getting a novel about Faerie.

I love that the problems this society has with homosexuality are visible from the outset, to put our heroes firmly in the outsider catagory. I love that we are always pulling away one mask after another from everyone in the cast, from the New Amazonians themselves to the heroes to the aliens. Carnival indeed.

One moment I especially remember is the point at which Michaelangelo, who's never been exposed to pets, scritches one of the khir, a sort of birdlike-lizardlike intelligent pet that the New Amazonians have, and his face and eyes melt and Victor is jealous of the beastie 'cause no one gets to see that part of Michael except for Vincent. It really stuck.

Anyway, I'd definitely recommend it. And I picked up all three of the Jenny Casey novels, too. I'm interested to see what I think of the longer format.
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