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Cleaning and fic and bills, oy

I've been frantically trying to prepare our giant mess of a house for diachrony's visit, and failing miserably. Two steps forward, eight steps back. Seems that way anyway. The place is a giant collection of clutter, and I'm beginning to despair of it ever being different. Sigh. I have to at least clean up the spare bedroom. I'm currently using it as a walk-in closet, which makes it hard to have a house guest.

Part of the reason my house is still such a mess is that I've got a major angry plot bunny, and it will be heard. And let out. And stomp all over my weekend. The first draft is mostly done, and I'm betting I'll have a buttload of work to do on it after that. It was one of those things that just poured out, and I know there's a lot of filling in I need to do. Oh goodie.

And bills. Hoo boy. If I'm really going to Europe next year, I need to save money, and pay off bills, and stop buying stuff. Argh.