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Recs post for the 2007 3_ships

3_ships is one of the numerous holiday fic-writing exchanges that run around LJ, but it and yuletide are the only ones I follow much. Therefore - fic recs!

Full list of fics written

The ones I liked:

By Invitation Only
- A Torchwood Tosh/Ianto/Jack fic that I thought sweet and fun to read. (I do, however, dispute the author's assertion that Ianto is straight ...)

Alive and Kicking
- A Firefly Zoe/Wash/Mal fic, told through the eyes of Wash's toy dinosaurs. Sad and sweet.

The Story of a Lovely Lady
- A CSI Catherine/Warrick/Nick story, I think one of the best of this year's crop of fic at 3_ships. And I say that as one who generally doesn't read much CSI fic anymore.

- A Harry Potter Harry/Ron/Hermione fic - not a threesome I'd normally go for, but the atmosphere is lovely and warm, and that feeling of holding something ephemeral and precious is clear and wistful.

- Heroes, Isaac/Simone/Peter - A seriously fun ride, with a twist at the end.